Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Teaching Logan to read has been one of the most frustrating yet rewarding experiences. I say this tonight as he read the same book 3 times in a row and struggled on the same words each time. And he REALLY needs to work on his flow. But it is great that he picked up the book and read it cover to cover and sang out, "I am the best reader ever;" when he read a whole page perfect without stropping! So fun, yet so so frustrating at times. And to think we have 3 more to go!

As I was brushing my teeth tonight and thinking about this, I got to thinking about milestones in general and how fast they come and go. Logan is learning to read and I am working with Melina on writing and Meeka will start potty training as soon as we get back from our weekend trip. And she is starting to progress with her talking too! Carson is working on perfecting his walking and starting to climb on everything...and he is even trying to "ride" a bike like his big siblings! It is like a revolving door of milestones and it is moving at light speed! And it is crazy for me to think we have 3 more kids to teach to read, only 2 to ride a two wheeler and none to learn to walk! It excites me, yet saddens me at the same time.


And another school year starts 4 weeks from today and its gonna be a crazy one! And then time will move even faster! Ahhhh....I'm not ready! So I guess I better cherish this last month of waking up and starting our day whenever we please! Cause this house is gonna be NUTS soon!

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