Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wading in the water

I am stressed to the gills today. Tomorrow is the BIG garage sale. Yes, I am getting rid of all my baby stuff (another post to follow about how I'm feeling about that!). My brain is running about 1000 mph but I can only move about 100! Ahhhhh! Anyway, as a way to distress and do something with the kids today, since the whole time at home the past couple of days has been working on garage sale stuff we went creeking for craw fish and other creepy crawlies! And boy did they have fun! And so did I! Everyone caught something so the day was a big success. Here are some photo highlights.

Carson rode high up and watched everything!

Hiking down to the river

Turning over rocks to see what they could find

She fell down and was not so sure about her wet hinney.

Did ya catch something?

wading in up to the waist

Look what I caught!

Me too!

Did I get it?

Looking in her net to see if she got anything

Check it out! So proud!

Very brave to pick it up!

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