Saturday, July 16, 2011

hiding in the background

This morning I heard Logan and Melina go out to the trampoline at 6:40am. I was awake, so I decided to sneak downstairs while they were outside, grab a cup of coffee and my People magazine and sit in the living room where I knew no one would see me. I sat there for 45 minutes enjoying the fact that no one knew I was awake and spending some "me time" without interruption and getting to have my cup of coffee before it was cold. I also enjoyed listening to the kids "sneak" a snack. Logan telling Melina she must eat in the kitchen and wipe before going upstairs. Melina asking if they should bring Meeka and Carson a snack. And then the 2 of them going to get Meeka and Carson and "breaking out" as they called it. They all went outside to play for a bit and then came in and Logan turned on backyardigans for all of them. It was neat to "observe"  without them knowing I was observing. But now that they know I am awake I am hearing chorus of "BREAKFAST...I WANT BREAKFAST!!!"

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