Sunday, August 14, 2011

Arrrr Matey...Come Enjoy Logan's Pirate Party!

Today's Pirate Party was a HUGE Success!!! Logan had not had a party since he was 2 and I wanted to give him a party he would remember and enjoy while he was still "into it." We had 11 friends and I think they all had a great time! We made oceans in a bottle, had a treasure hunt throughout the house, where in the end they found their goody bags and then played several games (Pass the Cannonball. Musical Islands, Feed Polly a Cracker, and Treasure Dig were a few) where they each got a Pirate item for their bag! Then of course, cake & ice cream and presents. 2 hours of GREAT Fun! Enjoy the Photos. I wish I had more, but it was hard to manage the kids and still take pictures. Maybe next time we need a photographer!

The Treasure Bag which they found on a hunt the the house and where they stashed all their  loot!

Marshmallow pops that Melina and I made.

And chocolate pops!

The Pirate Cupcakes!!

The decor

More decor

Pirate Ship watermelon carving that held fruit salad and the other goodies.

We made our oceans in a bottle, colored the pirate and played several games in the garage since there was a threat of rain...but it never rained!

This was the Pirate for our Feed Polly A Cracker Game (Thanks Aunt Bridget for drawling this!)

The kids coloring the Pirate

More coloring

Everyone had to Walk The Plank

Digging for Treasure. Once they found their bags on the hunt they had a list of what they had to dig for and find.

more digging

Logan with his loot bag

Toss the Treasure Into The Chest

Musical Islands

Feed Polly a Cracker

Blowing out the candle.

I sure know I will. 

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