Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Eating our way around the world

The world of fruit that is. My kids are pretty adventurous eaters most of the time. They will at least try a bit of most everything. (My mother-in-law found out the hard way a couple months ago when the kids ate her entire plateful of fresh crab legs that she had flown in from Seattle...and I mean devoured them!! They loved them!!) So we have been trying to buy new fruits this summer and try them. For example, we have split our own coconuts, Michael slayed a Dragon for his fruit (at least this is what he told the kids!) and today we tried a canary melon. The color of a Canary bird, this melon tasted like honeydew with a little kick of watermelon. It was delicious! It grows in a dessert climate in the US, so it is available for a decent price at times. If you have never tried it, check one out next time you are looking for something new and interesting!

Canary Melon

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