Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Boys!

This morning, August 4th, 7 year ago AND 1 year ago I was lying in a hospital bed snuggling with my boys. My sweet, sweet baby boys! Logan after 16 hours of labor and Carson after only 3 hours of labor. And today, 7 years and 1 year ago, I brought them home. They captured my heart the minute they were each born and I my love for these cuddly boys has only grown stronger. They will always be mama's boys!

We celebrated their birthdays yesterday by driving the final leg home from an almost week long trip. On the way home we stopped at the lego store in Columbus for some much anticipated shopping and then headed home where we had presents, pizza and ice cream cake just the 6 of us. It was a great relaxed birthday for the boys! We celebrated with family during our trip (details and pictures of that to follow). Here are some highlight pictures from yesterday.

Happy Birthday to Logan and Carson! 

I love you now and forever!

Logan choose Brio for his birthday
lunch at Easton on our way home.

Carson enjoyed the Birthday dessert!

Logan and his presents!

Carson and his presents!

Carson and Logan checking out Carson's gifts!

Logan with his new Millenium Falcon.
It is HUGE!!!


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