Thursday, August 11, 2011

Full house

We always have a full house. With 6 of us and a neighbor kid...or most of the time, things are always crazy! So today we decided to open up the craziness and I hosted a meetup playgroup at our house. We had about 9 moms and well, lots of many to count. And it was FUN!!

Meetup is a sight on-line in which you can meet people with your same interests. I met a great friend in Cinci right after Logan was born though meetup and she really helped me get through those rough early times with a new baby and in a new city. It really is a great site if you have a well managed group! I do admit it is a little weird to say that you met your friends on-line. I guess now not as much as 7 years ago; with all the dating websites it is no longer taboo or creepy to do this. But, it still is a bit intimidating at times. And you have to be willing to take a chance and put yourself out there. I am so glad that I did!! There are so many wonderful women and kids in Dayton Mama's and I am enjoying getting to know everyone! It was fun to have a group over to play and have lunch and just chat! I am looking forward to doing it again soon!!

Yummy food!

Play time!!

Enjoying the outdoors!

Jumping away


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