Saturday, August 6, 2011

I love when...

...Kids crack up at jokes in which they have no idea why they are laughing!

Yesterday, when Michael came home from work he asked me why I was so dressed up (I had decided to wear a skirt yesterday to feel like a human, no other reason, just cause I wanted to). I answered, "I am going out for girls night out...didn't you remember?" And Logan quickly said, "Are you taking Melina and Meeka with you?" Of course that got a good laugh from both of us. I continued with my charade saying, "Since you are golfing this weekend I am going out tonight. Maybe you shouldn't go golfing all the time." Again, Logan piped up very quickly and said, "Daddy, you can go golfing whenever you want." Michael loved that one! So I said, "Logan, you are throwing them out left and right tonight." And he cracks up, falling out of his chair and says, "I guess I am ....whatever that means!!!" Made us laugh even more. I LOVE the lighter side of life!

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