Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Heaven on my mind

Both my girls had Heaven on their mind yesterday...but in VERY DIFFERENT ways!

Meeka's was very lighthearted. You see, she LOVES ducks. It was one of her first words and lots of things are ducks to her, ducks, birds, geese. So when we were at the park yesterday and she saw a whole flock of geese and some ducks and she started running toward them...and they didn't run!!! She was in HEAVEN standing among them!! I, on the other hand, was slowly approaching saying, "DON'T TOUCH!!!" Which thankfully she did not! She had a glorious moment standing among those ducks! Heaven on Earth for her!!

Melina's thoughts of Heaven were very different yesterday. She was asking all kinds of questions regarding death and dying. "When will we die? Why do we die? I don't want to die!!" I hate having those conversations. I want to protect my kids all I can from the cruel thuths of the world, yet I don't want to lie to them. So I just gave the cop out answer of, "You won't die for a very long time. Not until your very old." For now that satisfied her, but she is becoming so inquisitive, I have a feeling it won't last long.

Sometimes life throws us curveballs, so for now I will concentrate on making Heaven on Earth for my kids. Memories of Family and Fun to last a lifetime!

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