Monday, August 29, 2011

I dont wanna grow up

Or at least I don't want my kids to grow up sometimes. I have been telling Logan he can't get any bigger. The other day he told me he promises me he won't get any older than 10 since I don't want him to grow up. Tonight I had a teary moment with him. In fact, I am tearing as I write this. For all the frustration we have gone through we are finally seeing progress. I told him tonight how proud I was watching him play soccer for the first time (even though it was just a scrimmage), on the big field. I remember when he first started and he would run around on the field with no concept if where the ball was and he would hit kids and it was just so nerve wracking for me...In fact, I HATED watching him play. Tonight he ran after the ball and hustled and was just so much more mature. No, he is not the best player, but he is enjoying it and I am so pleased to watch him now.

And I told him tonight that I am proud of the choices he is making. That he is learning to ask permission before doing things he is not sure about. He asked me tonight if he could put gel in his hair tomorrow for school to impress Mrs. Kidd. Then he said, when he got his hair cut last week and the lady asked if he wanted gel he said no because he wasn't sure he was allowed. Although tonight he did tell me, "I did something that I know you are not going to like. I sprayed your jewelry box with perfume. I'm sorry and I won't do it again....can I wear perfume?" And that is a another whole conversation...

Anyway, as I watch him at the bustop and playing with friends after school and doing chores...I am so happy with how he is maturing and growing up. Do I want my baby to get older? No, not really, I am LOVING 7 so far!! Yes, I know we will have our struggles...but we are learning and growing together and I couldn't be prouder!!  
I love you Logan!!

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