Monday, August 8, 2011

The countdown is on!

...15 more days! That is it...School starts in 15 days! Seriously, where did the summer go. When I looked at the calender this weekend and realized that school basically started in 2 weeks and thought about the amount if things I had to head started spinning a bit. So this weekend and today was spent  as a mix of organizing and getting ready and relaxing and having fun! Here are some highlights from the past couple of days.

Logan was busy working in his room.
Logan spent Saturday and Sunday building his new Lego Pirate Ship. Over 1,100 pieces and he never asked for help once!

And we put up his new Obi-Won in his room.

And we organized Lego's...again!!!

And the girls and I went to the Farmers Market and shoe shopping!

I let each of the girls pick out their own shoes. It was Pinkalicious all the way...with a little glitz thrown in for Meeka and a little more Athleticness to Melina's.  Fits their personalities to a T!

And Logan and Melina and I did Back to School Supply Shopping. Everyone is now bought and DONE!

Gotta love new crayons and pencils and glue!

This morning we baked to be able to freeze some goodies for the next couple of weeks.

Waffles, Waffles, Waffles! Nothing better than a homemade waffle with maple syrup in the am!
And zucchini bread!

And today after we bought some "new to us" mats from craigslist for the playroom the kids and I checked out a new park. It was AWESOME!!!! So sad we have not gone before today. Sure was fun though!

You had to try to balance and walk on this
wheel as it moved!

This reminded me of a Tilt a Whirl!

They had a HUGE sand box!

And water too!!

The playground equipment was like none
I had ever seen before! SO FUN!!

My little guy loves the playground now that he can walk and play!

And they all LOVE water!

This week is SUPER BUSY...but hopefully we will have some awesome end of summer moments to share too!

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