Thursday, August 4, 2011

Highlights from the mountains

Last Thursday night we picked Michael up from work and began our trip, which turned out to be about 19 hours of driving in 4 days. I have to be honest... I was not overly excited about this trip. We were going to Michael's family reunion in the Pocono Mountains of PA. Then to visit more more family and finally a visit with more family on the way back. Yes, I love family, but the thought of 4 kids in the car for that long, not knowing for sure what are sleeping arrangements were going to be when we got there or who was even going to be at the reunion (would there be other kids for me kids to play with or would they be bored?) was not overly appealing. I would have loved to be going to the beach, but it was not meant to be this year.

Once we got there I was SO GLAD that we went! The kids did GREAT in the car (They only watched 1 movie the whole trip)!!!!! And we were able to relax and have a good time and visit with people we have not seen in many many years! It was so NICE!!! We ended up having a REALLY GOOD TIME!! Sometimes things turn out for the best. And this was one of them! We also got to celebrate the boys birthdays with lots of extended family which we don't normally get to do. Logan and Carson got to celebrate with ALL 3 GREAT GRANDPARENTS TOGETHER!!! This really is an AMAZING thing when you think about it! The kids are so lucky to have 3 great grandparents!

And ya know what....we are already planning on going back again next year!

Here are some photo highlights of our trip:

We were jammed packed into our car. 4 suitcases, a double stroller, a pack n play, 2 sleeping bags, and much much more!

Melina and Meeka creating the Shaffer Family Reunion sign with Alex, Maddie and Anna!

Alex and Meeka blowing bubbles.

These 3 were buddies all weekend!

Tuckered out! Napping in the shade.

Chillin in his presents at Great Grammies house.

Logan and his Pirates of the Caribbean Legos

Aunt Ann cut Melina's hair.

She chose to go short! Look how CUTE!!

Aunt Ann cut Meeka's hair too. She was mesmerized!

Carson just wanted to get his hands on the cake!
And he went for it!!! He ate almost the whole thing!!!

The girls with Grandma and Grandpap at Idlewild. The amusement park that I went to as a kid.

Melina and Logan riding the motorcycles.

Carson loved being driven around by his big brother. They rode this 3 times!

This made me nervous with all the water.

Meeka rode her first roller coaster...twice. Once with Daddy and once with Grandpap. She LOVED it!!!!

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