Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The First Day

Last night we went into the school for the first time to meet Logan's first grade teacher and make sure he knew his way around the school. No more big school bus name tags tied around the neck with yarn for the first 2 weeks and teachers greeting them at the bus to help them find their way to the classroom. Now is the big league...they must do it all on their own! How exciting, yet how nerve-racking!! We took Logan by himself last night so he could concentrate and so he had some special time with us before starting school. After meeting his teacher we took him out for Hibachi, which he loved! He had his first sushi last night and of course enjoyed the fire and fun that comes with Hibachi! And I enjoyed spending time with my big boy. Who is growing up before my eyes. I have not cried at all until this second, writing this I am finding tears well up in my eyes....

I usually don't pay any attention to what "they" say, but when "they" say, "Cherish every moment; it goes quick." "They" know what their talking about!! It is going to be one crazy year!!! I am so glad that things are starting off slowly and we are easing into everything. Gets this momma geared up and the chance to get organized. (A separate post coming with my obsessive charts, etc.)

Here are a couple of pictures from the past 15 hours. I unfortunately was so caught up in what was going on last night at school I did not get a picture of Logan in his classroom. I am sure I will have the chance to get many this year though.

Logan made this vase yesterday to take to his teacher! He did an awesome job!!!


Intently watching the fire!!

A mouthful of sushi!

And finished off with Green Tea Ice Cream!!


  1. Gretchen - he has turned into a little man. So excited for him. If he ever needs a hibachi date tell him to call Miss Christa. I love it too.

  2. Will do!! He is my adventerous eater. Loves to try new things. He even ate dinner with chopsticks last night!!